Kickstart your member portal

CiviCRM can be installed on Joomla, Drupal or WordPress popular and widely used open source content management systems (CMS). In this session, we will do an overview and demo of how a member portal can be started using WordPress. This will allow for the ability to do things like providing a login to members to view member only content, update their profile and see a history of their interactions with your organization.

Speaker: Dana Skallman


Peer-to-peer giving with CiviCRM: three ways to do it

CiviCRM offers a feature called “Personal Campaign Pages”, which allow your organization’s supporters to set up a special donation or event page to recruit their friends, neighbors, and colleagues to participate.

Configuring anything in CiviCRM involves a lot of choices, and setting up personal campaign pages involves an especially large number of them, including the action your supporters will be asking their friends to take, the options presented to your supporters and their friends, and the appearance of the page itself. This session will include discussion of these general decisions as well as a step-by-step demonstration of setting up personal contribution pages.

Speaker: Andrew Hunt

Duplicate Bootcamp – Double the Fun!

This workshop will not prevent duplicate records. It will give you tools for finding and managing them.

Acknowledging that, we’ll look at the way that dedupe rules are marked in CiviCRM: unsupervised, supervised, and general. We’ll play with creating rules for all occasions and work as a group to find solutions to your specific duplicate-management problems.

Speaker: Andrew Hunt

Sidenote: Duplicate records are a very personal matter for Andrew: he attended high school with another Andrew Hunt, and he insists they are not the same person.

Andrew Hunt

Andrew Hunt is Principal at AGH Strategies, where he helps nonprofits grow and engage their supporters using CiviCRM. He began working with CiviCRM at a local nonprofit in 2006 just as CiviMember was added as a new feature. Andrew is an active contributor to CiviCRM’s code and documentation and serves as the editor for the CiviCRM release notes.

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Birgit Pauli-Haack

Birgit Pauli-Haack, the founder of Pauli Systems,  has worked with nonprofits and small businesses as a web developer, a technology strategist, a trainer and community organizer since 2002. Birgit serves as a Tech4Good organizer and has been a Regional Netsquared Ambassador since 2015. Alongside Jim O’Reilley, she co-hosts the podcast “What’s New in NPTech.” for NPTechProjects, an organization helping nonprofits with WordPress hosting and other technology implementations.

Website: Pauli Systems | @bph

#CiviCRMDay Session

Email Deliverbility and You

How to manage bulk emails within CiviCRM without being a spammer.

What you can do to prevent being blacklisted and maximize your deliverability.

We will go over different aspects of list management, email authentication, why good emails go to spam, and what to do if you get blacklisted.

Tommy Bobo

Tommy Bobo, AGH Strategies Speaker at CiviCRM Day #18NTCTommy has worked for AGH Strategies using CiviCRM for 3.5 years. For all of that time, he has staffed the Civi911 emergency help service. He has seen the best of CiviCRM and the worst data/server/website messes there are. Prior to working with CiviCRM, Tommy was a monthly giving manager using Raisers Edge. He also works as an artist and a college professor teaching art students how to work with technology.

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