Call for Speakers! Shape the first CiviCRM Day at NTC

We are now actively seeking professionals in the nonprofit space knowledgeable about CiviCRM.

Suggested Topics are:

  • Drupal  + CiviCRM
  • WordPress + CiviCRM
  • Membership Administration + Email Automation
  • Events Registration w/ scheduled Email
  • Modern Peer-to-Peer  Fundraising via your own website
  • Email Marketing  templating with Mosaico and token management
  • Email Marketing on the next level:  Tagging, Targeting, and Personable.
  • Caldera Forms & CiviDirectory + roadmap
  • Volunteer Management via CiviVolunteer
  • Technology Adoption Challenges
  • WordPress for nonprofits: How to stop the proliferation of plugins, donor data fragmentation and manage budgets.
  • Case Study: Behind the scenes of a successful monthly donation campaign (planning, execution, communication, reporting)
  • Case Study: Best practice for your donation pages and campaign marketing. (planning, execution, communication, reporting)
  • Case Study: Peer to Peer fundraising with CiviCRM

Or anything else you find exciting and might interest a broader audience? Give it shot!

#18NTC CiviCRM Day Call for Speakers

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