Chris Tuttle: How data can help your org break through the digital noise

We are so thrilled that Chris Tuttle, Director of Communication at GLSEN, agreed to be the keynote speaker at the inaugural CiviCRM day at this year’s Nonprofit Technology Conference 2018 in New Orleans.

The conference takes place April 11 – 13 and starts out with the pre-conference days, among them this year for the first time CiviCRM, taking place on April 10, 2018.

Many of us also know Chris Tuttle as an extraordinary trainer at Idealware and a popular presenter at NTC. If you never met him start following his most helpful Twitter feed regarding digital communications.

During his keynote, Chris Tuttle will share insights on the unique opportunities for nonprofits in the age of the information economy.

As nonprofit’s access to data, ability to manage it, and ultimately understand data becomes more accessible, organizations will be able to use this information to more effectively impact their mission, from breaking through the noise on social media to creating complex cultivation paths that drive social media followers into monthly donors, and far beyond.

Chris Tuttle has nearly 20 years of experience working within and consulting for nonprofit organizations developing online strategies to increase constituent engagement, including website development, online marketing, email communications, social media, advocacy, and multichannel fundraising campaigns. Some of the campaigns Chris has had the privilege to help develop include: the Day of Silence, a national anti-bullying campaign involving over half a million students in over 5,000 K-12 schools annually; Great Apes Giving Day, an annual giving day that’s raised more than half a million for great apes conservation; Student Organizing Dot Org, an online social network of 40,000 student organizers; curriculum, trainings, and webinars for more than 5,000 people on all things digital engagement from social media best practices to online organizing and campaign development to digital analytics. After launching Tuttle Communications in 2012, Chris returned to his career roots at GLSEN ( as the Director of Communications. Chris continues to teach as an expert trainer for Idealware and NeighborWorks. But most importantly Chris still plays with LEGO, jigsaw puzzles, and does a fairly good Kermit The Frog imitation if you buy him a drink.